Lunchtime Recitals

St Olave’s has a tradition, going back over 50 years, of regular weekly lunchtime recitals of classical music.

The programme for the current quarter and additional information may be found by clicking here.

Olga Jørgensen gave a piano recital at St Olave’s in 2015

The recitals are of a high quality and are held every Wednesday and Thursday each month of the year (except August), starting at 1.00pm.

Admission is free, but there is a retiring collection. Modest amounts are paid to help artists with the expense of local travel within London.

St Olave’s church welcomes professional performers who are at an early stage of their careers as well as those who are more established. The acoustic is equally suited to repertoire for solo instruments (including piano) and song, through small ensembles such as trios, quartets and quintets, to small orchestras and choirs. The organ, though small, is well designed and capable of delivering music of both subtlety and power. The recitals also include performances from other traditions, including flamenco, Brazilian music and Arabic song.

If you are interested in performing at a lunchtime recital please contact the recitals coordinator, Michael Gammie